You Will See Many Beautiful Scenes Of Cuddling Among Stray Cats In This Country

This is a real story from a traveler from California. When he came to Bosphorus Canal, he saw something he had never thought it was impossible. Let’s have a look what happened there.


Here is the story told by an average Californian world traveler when he came to a country with a lot of stray cats.

Orin loves cats, and dreams of having his own one. However, it is hard for him to make it come true because of his business.

Once he came to Turkey, the traveler saw a lot of stray cats on the street and in the cafe. Instead of fear or fright, they were extremely friendly and hospitable.

For instance, if the traveler stood in a spot in just a few minutes, there were many cats approaching him to be loved, and cuddled.

One day, while he was strolling the Bosphorus Canal, he witnessed the wonderful scene about two cats, which cuddled each other.

Without hesitation, he captured them immediately. Surely, it was not staged. it might be the great moment for him in this trip.

Let’s glare at some other nice pictures from his journey.

Life is too short, if you don’t believe, why not come there to experience?

More info: | Instagram (h/t: borepanda)


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