Woman Catches Her Cat Returning From Neighbor’s Property With Stolen Goods

Imagine having a cat delivering newspapers to your house porch everyday. If you are looking for one, Max is the cutest paperboy-cat.


There are many ways for cats to express their feeling for us. Even though sometimes, or most of the cats, seem like they don’t care about anything, even our affection. Cats know themselves and what they want, so if they are acknowledged that you have a new fresh baked bread, or a delicious pizza, that food is not belong to you anymore.

A cat in New Zealand named Max brought the game into a whole new level. After quite some time, his owner Jade finally found out that he had been stealing newspapers from Jade’s neighbor and brought them to her.

Jade got Max from a pet shop and he is now 10 years old. Jade said at first Max was still a little bit wild; she had to spend 2 weeks sitting in the bedroom with him to get him used to the new life.

Jade had been receiving newspapers on her porch for quite some time, but she didn’t subscribe to any of those. After several weeks, Jade noticed that there were some teeth marks on the newspapers. And Max became the number one suspect undoubtedly.

One day, Jade stayed at home and her son called her to the window; that is when the thief was busted.

Below is the footage of a crime in action. Please be aware before watching. (The adorableness can be overloaded)



More info: Jade Jefferies (h/t: boredpanda)


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