Woman Adopts Earless And Deaf Senior Cat Everybody Ignored, And Later He Saves Her

Cats are not only special for their cuteness with normal features, some cats are not lucky like others but that makes them more special.


Molly Lichtenwalner have been suffers from anxiety disorder as a result of car accident. When she saw Otitis, an earless white cat, she immediately knew they were meant for each other. Otitis’ previous owner had surrendered with the cysts in his ears and had to have his hearing organs removed, which left him at his current condition. Molly used to have a deaf pup, so she knows what are the special needs this kind of pets are required. Molly gave Otitis a lot of love which he has been lack of and he didn’t disappoint her.

Whenever Molly has a panic attack or she’s stressed, Otitis has always been there for emotional support. The feline is grateful for the love she gave and he would snuggle all the time with Molly.

Meet Otitis, an earless cat but full of love.

Before meeting Molly, Otitis had been spending lonely days at a shelter.

“I was having severe anxiety as a result of a car accident… I decided it was time for me to adopt an animal to help with my anxiety, because nothing helped me more than snuggling some furry friends.” – Molly shared.

Molly described Otitis as “emotional support animal” as he is always there for her when she feels low.

“Living with him is an absolute dream! He is the most loving, snuggly cat and he makes me feel so loved.”

Otitis is always curious of what his human is up to.

“He is some times the only thing that can calm me down… He’s the best thing I ever did and he definitely rescued me, I didn’t rescue him.”

More info: Instagram (h/t: boredpanda)


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