What Life Is Like When There’s A Cat In The House (20+ Pics)

Life with cat can have a lot of ups and downs but we always treasure them for their true selves, and thank them for making our lives better.


Nobody could deny the truth that your life totally changes when you have a new responsibility called : pet. The way that cat owners and dog owners experience is pretty different in general but one thing for sure, the flow doesn’t run the same as its way before.

To cat owners, it is a chain of days when your life has a lot of ups and downs in just one day. Cats have abilities to amaze us in so many different way. Whether it randomly sits like a human or completely disappear in just one second, or ignores us then later comes back asking for extra love, life with a cat is so interesting that no words can easily explain.

#1 When you buy your cats nice beds but their silliness still wins.

#2 How cats chill by the couch.

#3 Friendly reminder that you have just said something inappropriate. 

#5 The vet is so scary.

#6 Once you have a cat, you’ll never be alone, by any means.

#7 When your cat loves blanket forts, you have to build it one.

#8 Weird things happen everyday.

#9 And you will have to get used to the fact that they will never use your treats right.

#10 Some cats are actually weird.

#11 And silly…

#12 This cat loves watching Netflix and doesn’t like it when its owners talk.

#13 That one friend tries to blend in.

#14 Cats love wandering around.

#15 Cats start acting like humans.

#16 You can tell the betrayal feeling right in its eyes.

#17 Again, they will never use your treats right.

#18 Someone gets this cat a drink and a remote.

#19 All cats are weird.

#20 This stray cat lied on the carpet for 30 minutes straight after it was brought home.

(h/t: brightside)


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