This Cat Can’t Stop Smiling Since They Brought Her Home From A Shelter

Kittens are very good at taking our hearts since they all have such incredible adorableness that we can't resist. Same with this non-stop smiling kitty.


Ever since the moment tiny Rey approached her future human, there was a chemistry happened between them that the future owner knew that she had to take Rey home. The smile on Rey’s face when she was adopted from the shelter can obviously tell how happy she is.

Rey was named after her owner’s favorite Star Wars character.

Image credits: coen.ava.rey

She is told to be very playful and cuddly.

Image credits: coen.ava.rey

Rey has such adorable look that anyone would fall at first sight.

Image credits: coen.ava.rey

You can’t tell if this kitten even knows how to be mad at you.

Image credits: coen.ava.rey

More info: Instagram (h/t: boredpanda)


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