This Cat Became A Lost Man’s Guide And Showed Him Way Down A Mountain In Switzerland

This cat's heroic story will make you quit the idea that only dogs can be generous and save lives. Cat accidentally became a man's guide down a mountain.


This cat’s action officially the thought that only dogs can be heroes and save lives. A hero cat has arrived ladies and gentlemen!

A Reddit account called sc4s2cg shared his story when he was lost in Switzerland while hiking and thanks to a cat, he found his way back. He wasn’t in a good situation when he got lost and ended up in an abandoned town. At that almost desperate moment, a kitty showed up and guided him to the valley, the heroic kitty kept looking back to make sure the man was still following it.

Meet the Swiss heroic cat.

It even kept looking back to make sure the man follow.

Watch the video here:

More info: (h/t: boredpanda)


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