This Adorable Cat Loves Peaches And People On The Internet Are Losing Their Minds

It is very adorable when watching your cats enjoy themselves with something. Let's see how this cat adore peaches and loves being around a bunch of delicious fruit!


Just like humans, some cats have their personalities exposed quite clearly. Some love being outside or going for a walk, some love being friends with dogs,… This time we would like to introduce you to Ozzy, who is deeply interested in peaches. No, he doesn’t like to eat peaches. Ozzy just loves being around the peaches and cuddling with them.

“It was love at first smell” – Ozzy’s owner said. We all know the smell of fresh peaches and even though not every one is fascinated by it, but it definitely smells really good to Ozzy. Photos of Ozzy around the peaches were posted on the Internet and everybody is excited! After watching photos of Ozzy with his peaches, you’ll be jealous with that freshly delicious love.

Can you tell how comfortable Ozzy is around the peaches?

It was in 2014, the first time Ozzy was around in peach season.

Even being surrounded by so many peaches, Ozzy hasn’t tried to eaten one.

People on the Internet even made fanart for him!

More info: Twitter | Instagram (h/t: boredpanda)


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