These Two Kittens Are So In Love, They Cannot Hold Their Feelings Anymore

This cat couple's love will either make you jealous or make you feel want to be loved even more. The way they expressed their love is infinitely adorable.


Once you’re in love you don’t want to hide it away, you want to tell the world how happy you are. And guess what, love is in the air with these two kittens. They were all adopted, Louie and Luna. Photos of them kissing next to a Christmas tree will show you how much affection they gave to each other.

James, the owner of these lovely couple said he was also happy because the photos inspired so many people. People left good comments like “This has made my day” or “I’m crying at how beautiful this is” and those comments actually made James feel like he could spread good energy to the society.

“They sleep, eat, and tear apart my Christmas tree as a unit.”

“They’ve been inseparable since they were adopted and they always do everything together.” 

And see how the Internet responded…

More info: Twitter (h/t: boredpanda)


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