The Way This Polish Academic ‘Reacts’ When Cat Interrupts His Serious Interview Amuses The Internet

A hilarious and cute incident when this man who was on a serious interview, got interrupted by his cat and the way he reacted is very adorable.


Cats are weird. They ignore us when we play with them, and they crave our attention as soon as we walk away. So that every cat owner know how to behave well when their cats give them affection.

The same case happened to Dr. Jerzy Targalski who is a Polish academic and when he was on a serious interview. Dr. Targalski was talking about Poland’s Supreme Court crisis when his ginger kitty named Lisio, decided to give her human friend a little affection.

Dr. Targalski calmly swiped his cat’s tail in front of his face as he was speaking at the same time. The moment was cut from the official version, but the journalist found it very cute and uploaded it on his Twitter.

Dr. Jerzy Targalski who was the person encountered with the funny incident.

That moment …

Watch full video here:

The Internet people couldn’t have enough with the cuteness.

More info: Twitter (h/t: boredpanda)


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