Since Owner Does Not Enjoy Her Alive Gifts, Cat Starts Bringing Giant Leaves To Him Every Morning

Sometimes we feel like we don't deserve cats for how smart and caring they are. This is one of the typical case when a cat tries to bring her owner gifts, but it's more unusual.


Cats usually show their appreciation and affection by bringing gifts for their owners. The gifts are, more often than not, the result of a hunting session and involve rodents, birds and other small creatures in a state of extreme distress.

When these gifts are rarely welcomed by their ungrateful humans, it likely causes confusion and hurt to our pour feline friends who apparently can not understand why such treasured gifts are being constantly rejected.

Let’s come to a case of Baloo, a young cat with owner named Ben. When Ben seems like he doesn’t enjoy her “alive gifts”, Baloo started bringing him big giant leaves instead. “She always looked so confused and sad, which made me feel pretty bad.” – said Ben when asked how Baloo reacted when he reject her gifts.

“It took a couple of months of me rejecting her gifts for her to start bringing me leaves. They were always big, nice looking leaves. It was such a relief from the live mice every morning that I would show my gratitude by taking the leaf and playing with it while she sat on my chest.”

These days however, she has found lazier ways to show love for Ben. “She will comfort me when I’m feeling down. She is not a lap cat by any means, but when I’m upset or nervous she will hop up onto me, push me back so I lay down and then she’ll just sit on my chest purring like mad and nuzzling my face with her nose. She’s a very loving cat.”

Let’s watch Baloo in action, and remember to share with us your cat-gift-experiences to be featured!

This is Baloo, and she is a very loving cat.

“She looks very confused and sad when I reject her gifts…”

So Baloo went outside to find new gifts to her owner.

The mice finally are left alone.

Baloo and her lucky owner Ben.

She started bringing her owner big, giant and beautiful leaves.

Sometimes she would bring a twig instead of a leaf, just to mix it up.

“…and then she’ll just sit on my chest purring like mad and nuzzling my face with her nose”

(h/t: boredpanda)


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