Random Cat Crashes Fashion Show, Fights Models

Cats are very independent that they do everything in their wills and this time, a cat interrupted a fashion show and took all the spotlights.


We have come across together from the cat crashed a football match to a rugby game, now, at a glamorous event like a fashion show, this cat decided that it didn’t care about the laws.

At the Esmod International Fashion Show which was held in Emaar Square Mall in Istanbul, Turkey on December 2018, while all the models were walking on the runway, a cat surprisingly showed up and took all the spotlights.

People called it funny because it is kind of make sense to the word “catwalk”. The kitty sat in the middle of the runway and started cleaning herself; and of course it didn’t care about anything else, like all the cats do most of the time.

Image credits: esmoddubai
Image credits: vakkoesmodistanbul
Image credits: vakkoesmodistanbul
Image credits: Ruhat Mengi
Image credits: hknylcn
Image credits: eunkyoungkoh
Image credits: eunkyoungkoh

Watch full video of what happened below.

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And people enjoyed this incident.

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