People Are Posting Photos Of Working Cats (20 Pics)

Imagine a world where cats actually have a job for their own. But before that, check out this post to have some first impression with cats at work.


While some people think that only dogs would fit with having a job and behave nicely at work place, there are people carrying their cats to work. These cats possibly do no harm to your work as long as the boss says it can be there. And it is very funny to see people posting photos of their cats at work and some of them are actually “working” very hard.

#1 Have to wear your safety vest when on duty!

Image credits: JustOnesAndZeros

#2 That local store security.

Image credits: cheezfang

#3 This cat-shier isn’t happy with your purchase. 

Image credits: Shuang

#4 A cat recruits new employees.

Image credits: blackandwhiteadidas

#5 Who needs a camera when you have a cat as store security?

Image credits: theminimalistpharaoh

#6 “The doctor will see you meow.”

Image credits: paulec252

#7 A Meowtain Rescue.

Image credits: vpdots

#8 Advertising your garage sale on the next level.

Image credits: GallowBoob

#9 Wait. Is that a criminal or a police officer?

Image credits: ding-wizzy

#10 A Cockroach Manager.

Image credits: Good_Natured_Guy

#11 A firefighter cat on duty with its co-workers.

Image credits: tshiar

#12 Imagine going to liquor store and have assistance from a cat.

Image credits: thepawneeraccoon

#13 Meanwhile, in Iceland.

Image credits: RustyBertrand

#14 A cat assistant.

Image credits: CamTheChest

#15 A police officer kitty.

Image credits: TroyMI_Police

#16 Japanese officer cat.

Image credits: wikipedia

#17 This stray cat went to a nursing home and got a job.

Image credits: St. Augustine Health Ministries

#18 This cat takes care of patient at a vet.

Image credits: KimfromNorway

#19 Remember Dirt – The Nevada Railway Cat?

Image credits: ghost_train_of_old_ely

#20 In the army, we are 100% concentrate. 

Image credits: FaNcYb0t2

(h/t: boredpanda)


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