Meet Merlin, The Ragdoll Cat Who Hates Everything

Have you met a cat who pretty presents your daily mood? Well, let's meet Merlin, a Canadian Ragdol with such mythical name and special facial expression.


All of us is acquainted with the famous Grumpy cat, but have you heard of this Canadian Ragdoll who has facial expression can give himself a distinct personality. Let’s meet Merlin, this boy has such a resting face that you can feel so related right when you see him!

Merlin has furrowed eyebrows and piercing blue eyes, that make him looks so fierce all the time. In the level of busy daily life nowadays, you can easily relate to Merlin’s expression. Because we’ve all been there, when there are days you feel like being bothered by everything in life.

Are you ready to meet Merlin? Let’s scroll down and be aware, this cat looks like he can bite!

















More info: InstagramFacebook (h/t: boredpanda)


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