Meet Karl, The Protector Who Took Care Of His New Stray Cat Friend

A story that reminds us to be kind, and remember to help people around us, for the love we give away will find its way back to us.


Fred was an orphaned which was rescued from the parking lot when he was only one month and a half old. When he first got home, he was scared and underweight. Karl knew he had to be the big old and protective brother, that’s what he has been doing to Fred. Karl took care of Fred.

Karl knew that he had responsibility with Fred from the day Fred got home…

He has always been protective and gentle.

Karl gave Fred all the love and affection that Fred had lost.

And in return, Fred never leaves Karl’s side. 

They are always curious about things…

And they pretty much look like partner-in-crime.

This lovely story reminds us that the love we give to others will find its way back to you.

(h/t: boredpanda)


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