Meet Alice, An Adopted Cat With The World’s Most Beautiful Marble Fur

Let's meet the princess of the cats, Alice has such a royal beauty that if this cat was a human, she would be very famous for how beautiful she is.


Have you ever wondered that whether a pageant contest in the cat world? And if yes, which one would be the winner. Ladies and gentlemen, we now have the answer for you. Meet Alice, the world’s most beautiful princess with a marble fur color.

Conspiracy that this beauty may have a royalty gene in her blood. Seeing her posing in such a royal way with all the fluffiness and glory that she has, she’s the real princess.

The Persian princess is pretty picky with her food and personal space. Princess Alice even has a passport and travelled to 4 countries which are Saudi Arabia, Germany, the Netherlands and England.

Meet Alice, the world’s most beautiful cat princess with stunning marble fur.

Alice really knows how to pose in front of the camera as the artistic gene is in her blood.

Yara, Alice’s owner said “She has a big attitude and loves attention but only on her terms!”

“She doesn’t like to be stroked/carried/touched unless she approaches first.”

“She has lived in 4 countries (Saudi Arabia, Germany, the Netherlands, England) and has a passport and travels with me on the plane.”

Looking at Alice, everyone would think she could win any pageant contest for cats.

More info: Instagram (h/t: boredpanda)


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