Man Who Was In Recovery From Surgery Woke Up To A Stranger Cat Cuddling Him

Cats are warm and sentimental too, don't you think so?


Sometimes animals know what humans need better than we do – and in this man’s case, that was some cuddles. Andrew Falloon, a member of Parliament for Rangitata in New Zealand, tweeted out an adorable photo of his dad with a cat cuddling next to him; everything was normal except for the fact that Mr. Falloon Sr. doesn’t own any cats.

It seems this buddy knew that Mr. Falloon Sr. was in recovery from his surgery and he needed some extra love.

Image credits: andrewfalloon

According to the younger Mr. Falloon’s tweet, his mother had left the door open and the cat caught the chance. He said that his Mom had arrived home and had found them cuddled up together on the couch. His Mom had taken the photo before waking his Dad up and he had been surprised to find the cat curled up! After when his Mom had showed him the photo, he had the opportunity to share with the world.

And the people on Twitter couldn’t stop tweeting out this!

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Andrew Falloon said his father wasn’t a cat person, but I’m pretty he is one of us now !

More info: Twitter (h/t: boredpanda)



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