Lost Kitten Was Saved By A Cyclist And She Gave Him Thousand Of Kisses In Return

A right company will make your journey more interesting, doesn't matter if they go to the end of the road with you or just a part of the path.


Viitor Fonseca is a Brazilian cyclist who was on his ride a when he caught a kitten on the road. He desperately needed help and Fonseca just couldn’t walk away from him.

Fonseca decided to take the cat with him but he didn’t have anywhere to put it so he gently tucked the kitten in his shirt. Unexpectedly the cat was so chill and enjoyed the 6.2 miles journey to Fonseca’s home.

All the journey was Fonseca captured in a video which the viewers can easily see the cat couldn’t stop kissing his savior.

“All he do was play.” – Fonseca said.

To both of them, this cycling trip is something they would remember forever.


More info: Facebook (h/t: boredpanda)



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