Human Builds A Dragon-Shaped Cardboard House For His Cat In Order To Please His Master

Check this badass cat house made out of cardboard and designed to be in a cool dragon shaped, which even has some proper advance.


This creative guy named Sam had taken the cardboard house game into a whole new level. To please his beloved kitty, Sam built the cardboard house for his cat Dinni as he loves making things in DIY.

The structure is actually more complicated than you think. Sam said that he designed the new cardboard cat tower with moving parts, giving Dinni alternative movement around the tower : some stepping planks that can be pulled out, ramps, sliding windows and some storage draws for Dinni’s toys.

If you’re a cat lover and want to invest in some DIY things for your cat, you might want to give Sam a follow now.

Sam had taken the cardboard house game into a whole new level with his creativity.

The details are pretty remarkable. 

Dinni is probably the cat which has the coolest castle ever!

The cardboard castle even has sliding windows, stepping planks which can be taken out, and draws for Dinni’s toys.

Watch the dragon-shaped closer with this video.

More info: Prefabcat | Instagram (h/t: boredpanda)


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