Guy Gets Revenge On Cat Who Kept Waking Him Up At 4 AM Every Morning

We love our sleep as much as cats love theirs, but sometimes they're very annoying while we're asleep. Check out this cat got revenged on his own game.


We all know that cats enjoy their sleep very much and they have quite much time to sleep during the day. However, they seem not enjoy the bare time when their owners are asleep. Or they just don’t care.

This cat named Italics was revenged by his owner since Italics kept waking his owner up and 4 in the morning. Nicolas Tecosky the owner captured the video where he put the revenge on his cat and it has more than 9 million views on Youtube.

Watch the video below for the result:

More info: YouTube | Twitter | Nicholas Tecosky (h/t: boredpanda)


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