Guy Can’t Get His Cat To Sit In The Circle, But Then Discovers Something Frightening About His Cat

It is not strange to believe that cats have some relation to demonic forces. This story we're about to show you might be the proof of the mystery.


Many of us are pretty acquainted to the old story in which it is said that cats are associated with demons. And it is believed that if you draw a circle around where your cat sits, it will think that it is trapped and can’t get out. As the cats are usually attracted to the circles when they need to feel safe.

Since the rumor was spread out, many people try to test the experience on their cats, so did this guy. However everything turned out didn’t quite as much like what he expected..

At first he made a circle and tried to lure the cat to go inside, the fur ball didn’t show any interest.

After the failure with the circle, he tried square. The kitty looked, but still was not interested.

Finally he went with the pentagram and look the ‘frightening’ photo of proof below.. Is this cat the descendant of Satan?

(h/t: boredpanda)


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