Grandma Thinks She’s Been Taking Care Of Three Kittens Until Her Grandson Notices One Of Them Is Not A Kitten At All

At the time we thought cats the most trickiest living animals, an opossum shows up. This woman had been mistaking an opossum with a cat.


On a trip visiting his grandma at her Kansas home, Eric Hertlein discovered that his grandma didn’t have three stray kittens like she had always thought …

Eric’s grandma had been caring for a small opossum as she thought it was a cat. Eric tried to tell her it wasn’t what she thought it was. The sweet and kind woman even named him Tete, and she was very surprised when she found out the truth.

Seems like Tete was orphaned and he had been sleeping outside Eric’s grandma’s door since he was a baby. It is a very funny and cute situation throughout the details. However, since the animal hadn’t caused any harms, they decided that it is okay for him to continue living there.

However, we do not advise adopting any wild animals without any appropriate medical documents.

At first, this photo is pretty normal with 3 cute cats living in harmony.

But wait…

This is weird.

Eric and his grandma.

The Internet was pretty excited with the story.

(h/t: boredpanda)


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