Couple Adopts ‘Saddest Cat’ In The World Nobody Wanted, Here’s How Kitty Transformed In One Hour

When all the door were thought to be shut down at this cat, the are still one light up and saved him, give him a forever home and a new life.


BenBen was known to be the cat that has the saddest face on the Internet. The kittie was spending his miserable days at a shelter where he was scheduled to be euthanized. It was said that he had a crushed spine, several deep lacerations, and a cauliflower ear. People at the shelter assumed it could probably because BenBen knew he was going to die soon, he wouldn’t eat, drink, or even move.

When all the doors were thought to be shut down at BenBen, a kind woman who works for an ER vet clinic opened her arms and adopted him. As soon as BenBen arrived at their home, he filled the owners with full of purrs, smiles and ‘thank you’ cuddles.

The vet used to say to BenBen would never walk again. Not only can the kitty walk, but also run and jump in small distance. The ‘saddest cat’ now has turned into a happy kitty and a forever home.

BenBen when he was at the shelter. 

He started to have some changes as soon as he arrived at his new home.

“I like to think he knew he was safe and had his forever home at that moment.”

“He was instantly full of purrs, smiles, and ‘thank you’ cuddles,”

BenBen is now safe and healthy with a family that loves him with all their hearts.

More info: Facebook | Instagram (h/t: boredpanda)


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