Cats’ Version Of Christmas Eve

Each place in the world has its own version of Christmas, but we cannot forget our cats. Let's see how this lady decorates her cats' Christmas table.


It’s official, Halloween is over. And now we have to prepare for Christmas. And it is not that hard for Christmas to be everyone’s favorite holiday. It’s the time when all the family members gather around, celebrating another year has passed and a new one to come. And not forget to mention, the food is also better.

Well, we all know about our normal Christmas Eve would look like. But since you’re a cat lover, you have to make a Christmas version for cats too! Once again, and it seems like this photographer’s creative mind doesn’t know how to rest. This time she creates a Christmas party for her cats. And here we are, having a chance to admire her beautiful photos. Monika always know what she wants in her pictures and the way she came up with this idea is genuinely amazing!

Would you do a Christmas table for your cat this time? We’ll be looking forward for the pictures.


More info: Facebook (h/t: boredpanda)


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