Cats Tattooing Each Other In Surreal Japanese Ink Wash Paintings

Cat and art can be combined and from there, many incredible artworks were made. Check out these cool cats with tattoos on prints and real tattoos.


Kazuaki Horitomo is a California based Japanese artist and the artist has big interest in cats and tattoos. So he came up with the idea combining two things into one, and create a new kind of art – Monmon Cats.

Monmon Cats is Horitomo’s tattoed cat art brand which is pretty dope. The artist uses a Japanese hand tattooing technique to apply the ink on human skin. He also makes prints, apparels and other merchandise.

Now let’s check out some amazing Monmon Cats artworks.

Here’s some Monmon Cats Tattoos.

More info: (h/t: boredpanda)


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