Cat Finds His Mini-Me, Decides To Adopt Him And Raise As His Own

When Evin met Minnie there was only a click that he knew he found his best friend and wanted to take care of Minnie. Their friendship is beautiful.


When Minnie the ginger kitten was brought home, the older one Evin decided to adopted the new member of the family as they were blood.

The duo has been inseparable since the day they met. Minnie follows Even wherever Even goes that he looks like Evin’s little shadow. The cutest thing to see that is the best friends clean each other after meal. Jessica Ryan, owner of Evin and Minnie has another older grey cat named Tunie. Every time Tunie walks by, the duo would smack her butt or chase her around.

Evin and Minnie met and *click* they’re best friends.

Evin takes care of Minnie like Minnie is his blood.

They’re rarely seen away from each other.

This cat breed looks all the same so that maybe Minnie found Evin familiar.

Minnie is so attached to Evin as all they do is snuggling.

“Evin & Minnie hit it off right away!” 

Tunnie was nowhere to be seen in these photos…

Because the duo pretty bully her.

More info: Instagram (h/t: boredpanda)


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