Artist Photoshopped Cats Into Food And It Went Viral

The artists just can't run out of ideas. When you think they do, an artist came up with this idea photoshopping cats into food that creates beautiful and one of a kind images.


An artist from Russia named Kseniia Zmanovskaia has been creating these photoshopping cats into food since January 2018. She found out the way to combine her favorite things in the world : cats and food.

She always wanted to create something funny and this is what she came up with at the end of January and launched her Instagram account. Her Instagram is having 172k followers so we can see how fascinating her works are.

Let’s watch her amazing work together.

#1 The croissant cat.

#2 The salad cat.

#3 The cream puff cat.

#4 The hamburger cat.

#5 The healthy toast cat.

#6 The sushi cat.

#7 The grumpy cookie cats.

#8 The cupcake cat.

#9 The kumquat cat.

#10 The coconut cat.

#11 The chocolate cat.

#12 Another kumquat cat.

#13 The blackberry cat.

#14 The blueberry cat.

#15 The pear cat.

#16 The morning egg cats.

#17 The ice cream cat.

#18 The marshmallow cat.

#19 Another ice cream cat.

#20 The breakfast toast cat.

More info: Instagram (h/t: boredpanda)


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