Artist Illustrates Hilarious Moments In The Life Of Every Cat Owner (20 Pics)

If you already own a cat you will find these illustration extremely relatable. But if you don't, consider this is a head up for you.


Owning a cat can be easy at it may seem outside, but deep down inside, only people who have cats know the real struggle. We call it “struggle” because before having a cat, no cat owners had experienced these things before. It is at the middle of the night, when your baby cat decides it won’t stop yelling. Or having hard times breathing while sleeping, well, your cat is sitting on your face!

We’ve just discovered an illustrator on Instagram under the name @lingvisov and she makes illustrations about cats. Her artworks are so funny and cute at the same time, they are very relatable to any cat owners. Let’s check out her works about how life with a cat looks like. We’re sure that you will find them very interesting and enjoyable!





















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