Artist Challenged Herself To Paint 12 Cats In Different Art Styles

The combination between art and cats gives us one of the best products in the world. Have you ever wondered if the famous artists draw cats in their specific styles, how does it look like?


Veselka Velinova is a professional artist who has been working like Illustrator, UX/UI designer, game interface artist and graphic designer for more than 10 years.

“I created this series of cats because I am fascinated by the variety of styles found in art history. I tried to recreate artistic ideals, style, as well as the technical approaches of each and every art period.

Oh, and I also happen to like cats! I hope you enjoy.” – said Veselka.

Let’s take a look at Veselka’s majestic work.

#1 Inspired by Joan Miro.

#2 Inspired by Picasso.

#3 Inspired by Marc Chagall.

#4 Inspired by Gustav Klimt.

#5 Inspired by Japanese Art.

#6 Inspired by Impressionists.

#7 Inspired by Futurism.

#8 Inspired by Egyptian Art.

#9 Inspired by Van Gogh.

#10 Inspired by Naturalists.

#11 Inspired by Pop Art.

#12 Inspired by Wassily Kandinski.

What do you think about these artworks? Please let us know. And remember to share with us your cats’ funny moments and stories to be featured!

More info: Behance (h/t: boredpanda)


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