Almost Nobody Could Find The Cat In This Picture, And Her Owner Posted A Whole Gallery Of Her Ninja Cat

A fun challenge for cat lovers if you are bored. A cat owner came up challenging the Internet to spot her ninja cat, the game is harder than you thought.


A New York-based writer and comedian Grace Spelman uploaded a photo series of her cat which is very keen on playing hide and seek, and challenge everybody to spot her kitty.

When Grace and her kitty Pierogi moved into a new apartment, Pierogi was very curious and decided she would have a self-tour around her new home. Pierogi is pretty good at hiding and with her white fur, it is pretty hard to see where she is.

If you think you can nail this challenge, scroll down for more.

Grace twitted about her cat one day..

Can you see where the cat is?

Hint: Here is a photo of Pierogi.

And the result.

Okay, we guess that is enough for the warm up. Check these photos below to see if you can spot the ninja cat.



















(h/t: boredpanda)


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