Adorable Wild Sand Kittens Have Been Caught On Film For The First Time 1 Year Ago

Sand cat is known to be the only cat species that lives in the wild dessert. A sand cat looks like coming from the myths and they're untraceable.


After four years of patience and extensive research, sand cats was finally caught on camera for the very first time by a cat organization called Panthera.

The whole team spent around an hour taking images of the kittens before radio-collaring an adult female which they believe to be the kittens’ mother. The team was led by biologists Gregory Breton and Dr Alexander Sliwa. They notice the kitten on their way driving back to a camp in the Moroccan Sahara in April this year.

Breton, the managing director of Panthera, expressed his feeling when the team finally had a chance capturing the sand kittens “Finding these kittens was astonishing. We believe this was the first time researchers ever documented wild sand cat kittens in their African range.”

Sand cat is the only species of cat that lives exclusively in the desert. They can be found in North Africa, The Middle East and Central Asia; however, they’re extraordinary in evading detection so that it very difficult to locate them.

More info: Panthera | Grégory Breton (h/t: boredpanda)



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