5 Cat-Friendly Flowers For Your Feline Friend

Having your cat featured with flowers in photos is such a great idea. But do you know that not all plants and flowers are safe for cats? Read to know which one is.


If you own a cat, this is a very important list you should not pass! We love cats as well as flowers, but do you know that not all flowers like cats? There is a long list of toxic flowers to cat but you don’t have to remember them all. Continue reading to know which ones are safe for your little baby!

#1 Alstroemeria

Alstroemeria, also known as a Peruvian Lily, different from the traditional Lilies which are toxic to cats. Alstroemeria can last for a very long time and easily be loved by their elegant look.

#2 Sunflower

The flower of happiness! Who else here is happy because Sunflower is non-toxic to cats?

#3 Orchids

This is a good news for people who loves the traditional, classy look of Orchids. They are such a work of art! Even though they are non-toxic to cats, you don’t want your little feline friend goes near your expensive Orchids.

#4 Gerbera Daisies

Don’t be so happy quick. Because not all Daisies are safe for kitties. Gerbera Daisies is also a good choice when you have cats in the house. They are vibrant and can last for a week!

#5 Roses

We know there will be a bunch of sad people if Roses are not included in this list. Of course the ultimate romantic symbol of love is non-toxic to cats! Feel free having a Rose garden around!

You might want to take a look at this Toxic and Non-Toxic Plants for Cats in case you’re still confusing.


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