5 Cat Breeds That Love Winter

Pay attention more about the cat's natural characteristics is mandatory. It helps you in raising the cat and give yourself more knowledge about the cat world.


Before bringing a new cat home, we all have to pass a careful consideration process. When choosing a cat breed, you have to pay attention to not only your interest but also the cat’s references. If you live in a place where it has tropical season around the year, you cannot bring a Norwegian Forest Cat or a Maine Coon home. So since winter is here, let’s talk about the cat breeds of winter, shall we?

#1 Norwegian Forest Cat

The Wegie, as he’s nicknamed, is a large cat who looks as if he would be perfectly at home stalking prey in a forest or fishing out of a creek. He has a long, beautiful coat, tufted ears and a plumed tail. Not forgot to mentioned, this is a gentle, friendly cat who loves being around people.

#2 Maine Coon

The official state cat of Maine is – you guessed it – the Maine Coon. This plus-size cat, adorned with a beautiful neck ruff, dainty britches, tufted feet that resemble snowshoes and a big, bushy tail that he can wrap around himself when he naps is likely the oldest cat breed native to America.

#3 Siberian

The national cat of Russia may have been the inspiration for the Beatles’ lyric “Come and keep your comrade warm.” The Siberian has a thick double coat with a neck ruff, perfect for surviving those cold northern Russia winters. He’s a sweetheart with an adventurous spirit and an agile, muscular body.

#4 Ragdoll

His floppy, relaxed good nature gives the Ragdoll his name. He is a big, gentle cat with striking blue eyes who can get along with everyone, including other animals, traits that make him adaptable to almost any home. His semi-longhaired coat, which comes in a variety of patterns and colors, is easy to groom.

#5 Turkish Angora

The Angora is a natural breed, not manmade, and existed in Turkey at least as far back as the 15th century. Angoras are usually thought of as white cats with blue or green eyes, but they come in many colors and patterns, including tortoiseshell, tabby and calico. They are a small to medium-size cat.


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