3 Huskies Become Best Friend With A Cat After Saving Its Life

The story of how cats and dogs hate each other is old-fashioned, loving and becoming best friends are the new trends. See these different animals living together here.


A cat named Rosie had its life changed forever thanks to Lilo the Husky. Lilo made a huge impact on Rosie’s recovery which people thought Rosie could not made it; and Rosie went through it spectacularly. Rosie is now in a happy family with her three best friends – three huskies.

Eventually, differences mean nothing. We recognize our best friends by our hearts.

“We are three sisters who live in California and have been in love with animals from the start.” – the owners shared.

 “Ever since we were little, we would take in strays and feed them! We raise money through selling dog bows and bandanas and all proceeds go towards our TNR projects that we do for feral cats! You can follow our TNR projects on Finnysfinds on Instagram.”

If you haven’t had enough of cuteness, here’s a video of Rosie playing with her Husky friend.

More info: Etsy | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube | Twitter (h/t: boredpanda)


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