20 Weird And Funny Medieval Cat Paintings

Art is weird sometimes. But we'll be forever unable to understand the concept of these Medieval cat paintings.


Ever tried to paint something and it turned out that it’s not as easy as you might expect? Well the same case happened with these Medieval artists. We bet you found some Medieval cat paintings and wondered how did cat at that time look like. Are they this weird?

Medieval artists can pull off really well in painting religious scenes, portraits of Royalty and naked ladies, this particular type of pussy offered an altogether different challenge.

There are some reasons for how these funny cats look as they do in the Medieval art depictions. One of them is that the primary purpose of these paintings was to translate the religious scripts to the illiterate (bear in mind that there were relatively few people who could read – monks, priests and the nobility), and the others, unnecessary details weren’t so scrupulously painted.

On the other hand though, linear perspective, giving a painting with depth was not systemized up until the Italian Renaissance. That’s why the given ugly cats look so flat and slightly misshapen.

While most of them have gotten the basic shape of a feline down to a reasonable tee in these cat illustrations, it is the face the seems to provide the biggest problem. Instead of the cute kitten features that we all know and love, the artists made it appeared to favor a grim, almost human-lookalike face which give the paintings look a little bit, scary.

Later then, the Internet is now using these Medieval cat paintings for meme.

Now let’s watch some of the funny Medieval cat paintings and give your opinions.

#1 Hudy-gurdy cat.

#2 Did people actually ride cats back in the days?

#3 A cat with a flower tail.

#4 Umm.. Alien cat?

#5 Casual cat life.

#6 Cat with eyebrows.

#7 A baby kitty.

#8 Snail-cat?

#9 Why so sad baby?

#10 This must be a cat from the Hallucinogenic Meadows of Scotland.

#11 Is that actually a cat?

#12 A sad guitarist cat.

#13 Catnip trip.

#14 The musical cat.

#15 Cats’ habit.

#16 This drawing makes me doubting so many things in the history.

#17 Wild cats.

#18 Back in the days, cat always want others’ food.

#19 The king.

#20 This cat looks like it was prepared for some kind of missions.

What do you think about these paintings? Share with us your thoughts and stories to be featured!

(h/t: boredpanda)


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