20 Times That Cats Being Jerk And Get Publicly Shamed For Their Hilarious Crimes

Sometimes cats make us have no clue whether should we be angry or laugh because of their silly actions, or just them, being jerks.


Cats always steal our hearts with their innocent and adorable faces, but they can’t get away with their true personality. These fur balls are out of control and they are not planning to attend a class ‘How to behave 101’ any time soon.

@cat_shaming is an Instagram page which provides the cat owners the opportunity to shame their naughty felines.

Over the years the account has gathered quite a number of amusing gallery. This is our second post about the naughty cats, check out our first post here!

#1 “If I hide his favorite coffee cup I’ll be his favorite.”

#2 “Oh I don’t know, let sit on the electric fireplace and creep those humans out.”

#3 “My name is Salt and I cost my mom $330 for a vet appointment only for them to diagnose me with being stressed since my moms boyfriend (who I like better) was gone for a week. Here I am in his lap. Love you, daddy!!!”

#4 “Actually weight is just a number, right?”

#5 “My name is Milo and I demand to be carried to bed every night or else I’ll argue until I win the fight and be carried to bed.”

#6 This is Kyo, who has repeated this process four times already this morning!

#7 Meet Phoenix – The Slippers Destroyer.

#8 “Bit my owner 2 seconds after taking this picture. Happy Valentine’s Day.”

#9 “Hi it’s me Maki, this is my bowl idk why my mom keeps putting fruit in it.”


#11 “My name is Leia and since my hooman got himself a roomba I demand it be turned on when I’m bored. And everyone knows roombas work best at night.”

#12 “Look what my Mom bought for me.”

#13 “Hello ! I am Munini and I live in the countryside of southern France. I have already killed an olive tree while sharpening my claws but today I preferred something more chic, more urban … Chanel.”

#14 “This is Boo. He spent the day alone and this happened.”

#15 “I chased a stray kitteh from my garden and almost had my ear bitten off. Now I’m on antibiotics and contemplating my life’s choices. 10/10 will do it again”

#16 “Hello my name is Yuki I am a carb addict. I chew through unattended bread bags and act dumb when Mum asks me what happened.”

#17 “This is Astro. He needs to be shamed for eating my eye test certificate which was needed for my drivers license application. Thank goodness my optometrist is a cat lover too!”

#18 “The pizza. On the floor. Not my fault.”

#19 “It wasn’t me”

#20 “This is Isla and she has a habit of getting stuck in the blinds”

More info: Instagram (h/t: boredpanda)


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