20 Times Owners Wanted Cats And Dogs To Live Together, But It Didn’t Work Out As Planned

Cats and dogs don't get along together well most of the time. And that's when they create hilarious moments and you'll laugh out loud.


It is normal when cats and dogs can’t get along together. Their personalities are simply different. Dogs are playful and loyal, they are always full of love and affection to give; however, cats are totally opposite. They’re independent and think humans have to obey them.

What will happen when one owner that has both a dog and a cat in a house? Let’s find out by these photos below.

#1 “Be careful guys there’s an idiot down there.”

#2 This cat undoubtedly dislikes the dog.

#3 “So this is the new friend you mentioned?”

#4 This time the dog wins.

#5 In a whole another dimension.

#6 “I’m going to punch hard.”

#7 Still unable to understand why the kitty hadn’t reacted.

#8 “Catch ya dog.”

#9 This dog desperately needs help.

#10 “How is the world down there dog? Go back to where you belong.”

#11 The endless fight.

#12 “Smell this.”

#13 This cat totally has an advantage.

#14 If you touch one cat, you touch the whole gang.

#15 “Let’s scare this dog from now. He’ll grow up big.”

#16 Simply just not enjoy it.

#17 Nothing can’t pass a cat’s sight.

#18 “Your bed is mine.”

#19 “Wanna taste some snow cat?”

#20 “You don’t want to mess with the dogs.”

(h/t: boredpanda)


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