20 Times Cats With Their “If It Fits, I Sit” Mindset (Part 2)

Cats are pretty good at making us laugh by their weird sense of humor. Check out this series for more laughter, and submit your own.


We’re back with another ‘If It Fits, I Sit’ Series, and if you haven’t checked out previous post, simply click here.

Cats are famous with the stubbornness and the ability of do whatever they want, wherever they want, however they want. ‘If It Fits, I Sit’ is a famous habit of the cats, and pretty much every cat owner has caught their cats in this situation at least once.

Now, no more talking. Let’s jump right in and see how silly the situation that the feline friends got themselves into this time.

#1 Look at his face, he must be very comfortable in there.

#2 Like extremely comfortable.

#3 Chill out on an afternoon. 

#4 “How did I get in here? But it feels pretty good though never-mind.”

#5 Find another use for plastic bags.

#6 “Pretty cozy here”

#7 This cat loves sitting in a trash can.

#8 Sharing is caring. Even though there are more beds …

#9 Why, cats?

#10 “I thought I would fit it.”

#11 Dinner is served.

#12 “I love seeing the world from here.”

#13 “I’m wondering what are these for.”

#14 Sit in everything in its sight.

#15 “Hi, coming through.”

#16 A shoe might work as well.

#17 Best undercover.

#18 Cats’ logic is weird.

#19 A cute Yin Yang Cat symbol.

#20 “I announce this basket is mine.”

(h/t: boredpanda)


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