20 Times Cats Show Regrets With Their Poor Life Choices Immediately

Cats never stop making us amazed by their abilities and tricks, but it is even better when they get themselves into troubles, creating hilarious moments.


We all know cats with their tricky minds and troubles they can give to our lives. However, it’s them sometimes regret their action as the consequences come at them right away.

Here’s a list of 20 embarrassing troubles of cats take for themselves.

#1 “Umm.. A little help here.”

#2 “Sh*t not again..”

#3 “I don’t know anything someone did this to me I swear.”

#4 “Oh hi how are ya?”

#5 “May the force help me out of here.”

#6 “After the photo please get me out.”

#7 This cat looks like a drunk uncle who always gets himself into troubles.

#8 We can tell how frightened this cat is by the look on its face.

#9 “Not a great strategy.”

#10 The better hide fast.

#11 Not sure how it get there.

#12 There’s no limit for cats’ abilities.

#13 “I’m sorry now please get me out.”

#14 This game is hard.

#15 Can you spot the cat?

#16 He took it himself.

#17 Stuck and angry.

#18 Remember how cats hate water?

#19 Everything went not so well like it planned.

#20 Don’t mess with water.

(h/t: boredpanda)


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