20 Times Cats Are Not In The Mood For Selfies But The Result Is Hilarious

Have you ever tried to take photos of your cats? And how did it turn out? Let's check out these photos to see if your cats react the same.


Cats are capable in having smart phones. But have you ever imagined how the world would be if cats actually have smart phones for their own? There will be group of cats which are always on the phone gossiping about their owners. However, one thing is pretty sure that cats don’t seem to enjoy selfies..

Why? Check these photos below.

#1 “Selfie is unacceptable.”

#2 You can see this cat didn’t enjoy the photo much.

#3 “Wait what. A selfie?”

#4 The “I-am-tired-of-reacting” look.

#5 “Not again.”

#6 “Let give it a chance.”

#7 “Oh you’re trying taking photo of me to show how fat I am?”

#8 “My stupid hooman.”

#9 “So not in a great mood for a photo.”

#10 “Now we take it in action. We don’t like selfies.”

#11 “Oh no.”

#12 “Leave me alone.”

#13 “Ergh I told you I didn’t like it.”

#14 “Bet you like this pose.”

#15 “My human kept insisting for a selfie. I didn’t like it but here you go.”

#16 This cat had straight up panic attack when it knows it is photographed.

#17 “Everything has a price.”

#18 “Have I not told you that I don’t like it?”

#19 As soon as cat knew she was in a selfie.

#20 “Okay that’s enough.”

(h/t: boredpanda)


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