20 Terrifyingly Pawsome Halloween Cat Costumes

Halloween is such a special occasion for us to dress up our cats, no matter how extreme the costume can be. Check this post out now for some ideas.


Halloween is undoubtedly the most fascinating celebrations of the year! It’s the time for people their creativities and their real selves. But the party cannot be lack of the feline friends of ours. Some cat owners have gone extra to invest in not even their costumes, but their cats’ also.

If you haven’t had any ideas for your cats’ costume this year, check these ideas out to see which fits most.

#1 The Punk Rock Cat.

#2 Kitty The Lobster.

#3 This cat’s owner might be obsessed with KitKat.

#4 The Lion Kitty.

#5 The Batman Cat.

#6 Mario is that you?

#7 Princess Leia has changed a lot.

#8 Breaking Bad in Cat version.

#9 Suit up. We’re going to the war.

#10 A Peacock wanna be.

#11 Trump Cat.

#12 That kitty pirate has owned the ocean.

#13 Ram Cat.

#14 The most perfect duo in DC universe, but in cat version.

#15 Such a tasty bacon.

#16 A Skeleton Cat.

#17 A superhero wanna be.

#18 Wonder Woman Cat.

#19 Ariel the kitty.

#20 This cat nailed its costume with its face expression.

(h/t: boredpanda)


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