20 Seconds Timelapse Of A Maine Coon Kitten Growing Up Into A Gorgeous Cat

What's more meaningful than watching your lovely cat(s) grow? Never miss a moment!


With eye-catching photos of cute furry pets and wildlife in action, Warren Photographic, a photography studio in the UK has earned the interest of 20k followers on Instagram.

Their extensive library filled with photos of various pets is truly magnificent, hence, this story is about a pet in particular – named Freya.

Dissimilarly to humans, cats grow very fast. They can reach adulthood in about six months quickly discovering ways in which to run, jump around and even hunting. We, on the other hand, pale in comparison to such quick development. It is very easy to let a kitten’s “childhood” slip through one’s nose without any notice.

Warren Photographic decided to make a documentary and show Freya’s growing time from a newborn kitten to a 10-month-old feline a 26 seconds timelapse video. The audiences can watch the adorable kitten had plenty of time to open her eyes, grow thick plush fur and turn into a beautiful cat.

Isn’t she lovely? Now let’s watch the video:

More info : Website | Instagram | Facebook (h/t: boredpanda)



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