20 Pics That Prove Cats Can Sleep Purrretty Much Anywhere

It is very funny to see the felines can sleep anywhere in any positions and under any conditions.. Send to your friend and laugh together.


Cats usually need about 12 to 16 hours of sleep every day, so with this ‘laziness’ in their blood they can pretty much fall asleep anywhere. We bet you’ve seen for once your cat slept in a sink, your shoes, a box or even a wine glass might work as well.

If you still haven’t believed us, check out these photos below to see the proofs.

#1 “That shoe looks warm enough.”

#2 What was she doing with all those CDs…

#3 When you’re on your spy mission but it’s nap time.

#4 Napping with the plants is one way to take care of them.

#5 How did this guy can hang there for so long…

#6 Rolling down the stairs but the sleepiness hits.

#7 Was this guy playing dead?

#8 “Life is good.”

#9 “So tired can sleep anywhere.”

#10 *silently waiting to see if it falls*

#11 Any where is cats’ sleeping spot.

#12 Stretching much.

#13 When a cat asks another “Wanna hang together?” this is pretty much they would think about.

#14 That photocopy machine is a warm spot.

#15 Sleepover with a mate.

#16 A sleepy happy kitty.

#17 This cat looks like it had given everything in life and just wanted to lie there forever.

#18 How to get away at family dinner.

#19 Too bad. This one wasn’t able to make it to its bed.

#20 “Sleep baby I got you covered.”

(h/t: boredpanda)


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