20 Of The Best “I Don’t Own A Cat” Moments That Ever Happened To Humans

What is your wildest adopting a cat experience? Let's watch these funny moments when cats choose you for their own.


There is not just one way to own a cat, you can buy it from breeders, or adopt it from a shelter, go to a pet store and choose the one you like, or even be inherited. But sometimes it happens to some people that the cat choose themselves.

#1 “This cat and dog keep coming and lying at my yard everyday. Everything is fine except the fact that I don’t own neither of them.”

#2 “Went to the bathroom and see this. This is not my cat.”

#3 “I don’t remember that I have a cat.”

#4 “My dad sent me this photo. It’s not my family’s cat.”

#5 “So this is what happens to you when you pet one stray cat.”

#6 “He doesn’t seem so friendly but I think he decided that he’s going to stay.”

#7 “Went to paint my kitchen and come back to this. It’s just I don’t have any cats.”

#8 “He jumped in my car and didn’t let me leave without him. Guess I have a cat now.”

#9 “Strange fellow in my kitchen. Have no idea it is whose.”

#10 “But I don’t have any cats…”

#11 “Have a stranger in my couch.”

#12 “Imagine go to the kitchen at 5am and see this. This.Is.Not.My.Cat.”

#13 “Went to visit my girlfriend’s family and stay in a night. Woke up to this. They didn’t have any cats by the way.”

#14 “She just lies on the table like she’s mine and waiting to be fed.”

#15 “This cat bumped into me at work. Guess I have a cat now.”

#16 “Such cute “Waking up to this” but I don’t have a cat.”

#17 “She came to my house at 4 in the morning. How can I say no to this face.”

#18 “My dad pet one stray cat and next day the whole gathered at my house.”

#19 “A stray cat followed me home last night and I woke up this morning seeing her sleeping at my porch.”

#20 “I kept hearing meow under my bed and this is the reason. Guess she’s mine now.”

(h/t: boredpanda)


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