20 Hilarious Cat Snapchats That Are Im-Paw-Sible Not To Laugh At (Part 2)

These funny cat snapchats would absolutely make your day.


Snapchat has been being a visual storytelling medium, has naturally been taken over by the same cute furballs that dominate all social media platforms, cats.

If you have ever wondered that why we are so obsessed with our feline friends, better check these 20 funny snapchats we collected about cats.

#1 “Hello it’s playtime.”

#2 “You need a better clock next time.”

#3 “This is not a joke.”


#4 “I want them to know that it was me.”

#5 “Still not a joke to you.”

#6 Now this is art.

#7 This one too.

#8 Being a cat disappoints him. Being a plant is much better.

#9 Your empire is over.


#10 Not something you see everyday.

#11 Definitely need that tent for my cat.

#12 “Is that another planet?”

#13 Overwhelmed by the cuteness.

#14 I would pick her up in a sec.


#15 Cute little weirdo.

#16 It’s a part of the family now.

#17 “Come on, we’ll go for a ride.”

#18 My heart is happy when seeing this photo.


#19 Caring cat.

#20 We have guards here.


Remember to tell us which one is your favorite and share your cat story with us to be featured.

(h/t: boredpanda)


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