20 Dogs Who Think They’re Cats

These dogs actually think and act like they're cats then leave hilarious photos as result. Check this list out to see if your dog is in there.


Ever caught your dog sitting or acting like a cat? If the answer is yes then your dog maybe belongs to this list. Whether they sit in a cat’s position or playing with a big ball of yawn, some dogs are out there acting like their beloved dream idol – cats. Perhaps some cat scientists have changed dogs’ mindset making they think they’re actually the soft creature that own humans?

#1 This dog has attitude of a cat.

#2 “They look cool. I should join them.”

#3 “The view up here is not bad.”

#4 “I saw a cat did it so I did it.”

#5 This Husky has the attitude and sit like a kitten.

#6 “Am I too big for this seat?”

#7 Not sure if this cat enjoys the dog’s company.

#8 How did he get up there?!!

#9 He just finished Cat Disguise Class 101.

#10 Mates.

#11 Member of the gang.

#12 What did he think…

#13 What comes in your mind when you see your dog like this?

#14 He has cat gene in his blood.

#15 Did this dog think if the cat fits, he does too?

#16 Huckleberry the dog. He loves sitting on the rooftop. Not something you’d see everyday.

#17 “Let’s call some doggo friends come and sit like this. It’s fun.”

#18 “I’m on top of the world now.”

#19 This dog likes making people confused. Sounds like something a cat would do.

#20 Just chillin’.

(h/t: boredpanda)


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