20 Cats With The Most Angriest Attitude Will Make You Want To Treat Them More Nicely

Looking at these angry cats with bad attitude on their faces will either make you want to pet them more nicely or laugh out loud really hard.


As every cat owner knows that cats are not always cute and full of affection, they have their moments when they’re not in the mood the play. Under those big eyes and fluffy fur is a creature which wants to conquer the world.

These cats below were busted with their ugly attitude through photos, and you might want to give them a big fish if you don’t want your face to get hurt after seeing this.

#1 Not in the mood the play.

#2 “I have had enough.”

#3 The sign says it all.

#4 “I told you I didn’t like bathing.”

#5 Looks like this cat had just woken up.

#6 “I am an introvert cat. I don’t like outdoor activities.”

#7 Grumpy but cute.

#8 “I don’t like photos.”

#9 “Tired of your BS.”

#10 This cat is a descendant of lions.

#11 Not having it.

#12 “I demand my food, and I want it now.”

#13 “Huh? Another lame joke?”

#14 “I don’t like you.”

#15 Grumpy baby.

#16 Lord of darkness.

#17 “Don’t you dare to steal my food.”

#18 “This turkey is mine!”

#19 Your head will pop up a big “Grrrr” when seeing this.

#20 “Notice me!!”

(h/t: boredpanda)


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