20+ Cats Who Were Caught In The Weirdest Sleeping Position

Sometimes we want to live like a cat and have the ability to sleep everywhere we want like them. Check out these photos of the cats while sleeping.


When we were younger, we always want to spend time for hanging out with friends. But as time goes by, we know how to precious the bed time, maybe that is one of the reason why we can easily feel related to cats, who can sleep any where and under any circumstances.

We’ve all been to a point that we’re so jealous with cats when they can fit right into even the smallest spot for a nap, and no one even notices that. Cats spend 2/3 of their lives for sleeping so it is a pretty great idea to be a cat. Even when they sleep, they cannot stop making us laugh.

Check out these photos below if you are curious and still doubt about the cat’s ability to take a nap any where.

#1 Looks like this cat has given up on life.

#2 Lucky cat found the best spot in the park for napping.

#3 This is the distance between you and your dream, but you gotta nap first.

#4 Fit right into a boot.

#5 Like owner – Like kitty.

#6 Little babies like this one always melt our hearts.

#7 This cat fell asleep in its owner’s salad.

#8 It looks so relaxing.

#9 This cat is slowly becoming human. 

#10 When you love the plants so much you gotta sleep with it.

#11 Perfection.

#12 “Nahhh is it Monday again?”

#13 Good way to hide.

#14 Woke up from a nightmare.

#15 Is that a cat or a bunny?

#16 The triple sleeping together.

#17 Stretching all your tiredness out.

#18 This cat cannot be cuter.

#19 *silently waiting to see what happens next*

#20 Best friends.


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