20 Cats Being Over-Dramatic That Deserved An Oscar

How many time have you encountered with your cat being over, even for nothing? Watch this collection and see if you see your cat in there.


Cats never disappoint us at their senses of humor. Sometimes it’s when they’re just being themselves, silly, or they’re just mean. One thing in common of these felines is they love over-reacting. Maybe it’s just their face expression was accidentally captured in one second, or that’s just wo they are.

We collected some funny moments and if you love this series, it will be continue.

#1 “Hello darkness my old friend.”

#2 “Baby don’t leave me I promise I’ll change.”

#3 Indoor cat being confused as the first time he was taken outside.

#4 Bet this cat get in that situation himself.

#5 “My cat didn’t like my newborn daughter.”

#6. Just being over-dramatic because of nothing.

#7 “I trusted you!”

#8 You won’t be left alone to work if you own a cat.

#9 Road trip.

#10 Shook.

#11 Is she making a curse?

#12 Cat’s first attempt with snow.

#13 The face your cat makes when you forgot to tell her there would be a new member to the family.

#14 Lord of darkness.

#15 “I’ll go with you till the end of earth.”

#16 “I demand you to let me in.”

#17 Casual cat faking death to scare his owner.

#18 Before and After the Vet.

#19 This cat seems like she doesn’t like her new dog friend.

#20 “No not my favorite ice cream.”

(h/t: boredpanda)


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