18 Photos That Prove Cats Are Always Going To Do What They Wanna Do

It is impossible to tell a cat to do anything. Cats choose us. And if you are still unclear, here is a list of 18 times cats do whatever they want by themselves.


There are still some people so naive that they think training a cat and tell them to do something is possible. Cats are such independent animal that they choose to live among us, not our choice. So if you are still doubt and consider to train a cat, check out these pictures below and you will see, cats do whatever they want and you have nothing to stop them.

#1 This cat had a new bed still, he chose a dust pan.

#2 Is that two different kind of water?

#3 Food in there was different?

#4 A proper way to eat your food.

#5 The bigger the bed is – the happier the cat is.

#6 Cats love boxes.

#7 Pizza who? I don’t know her.

#8 “Oops I did it again.”

#9 There are so many empty spaces yet this cat chose to lie there.

#10 Just cannot decide.

#11 How to use cat hammock properly.

#12 That’s a crime scene.

#13 The queen should be on her throne.

#14 “It was an accident.”

#15 “Welcome to DIY cat show. Today I’ll show you how to make a cat bed by ourselves.”

#16 Refuse the good bed for a paper bag.

#17 I bet the person couldn’t move until the cat left.

#18 “I should be the baby in the house.”

(h/t: buzzfeed)


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