“12 Cats Lady” Brought A New Wave To Instagram With Her Twelve Persians

This woman has taken the "cat lady" stereotypes game into a whole new level. Having these 12 cats could not make her happier.


This Japanese owns 12 fancy kitties for herself and she said she couldn’t be happier with her “full-time cat mom” work. She is the owner of 12 spoiled indoor chinchilla Persians and she change all the definition of “the cat lady”.

The first time she has adopted a cat is on the street, she found Yuki dirty and freezing. She took her home and it was just the beginning. Later then she decided to have another two Persian beauties. The other 9 left were children from the same litter!

She shared that the key to have all these cats look at the camera is waving their favorite feather toy and call names of the ones that didn’t look.

 ”I’m happy, so it doesn’t really matter what other people think about me having this many cats”

More info: Instagram | Facebook (h/t: boredpanda)


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